Can we agree there will be no NBA this year?

Posted: October 5, 2011 in Sports

This is not the NFL, it’s worse.  NBA players are signing contracts in China and Italy to play the upcoming year and for some reason fans still think there will be a season.  At least in the NFL players sat around at home waiting for the release of Madden 2012.  There was hope with the NFL.  We had the Draft basically half way through the talks, so the promise was there.  The NBA is in a tough spot now because it’s being overshadowed by the NFL season currently 4 games in.  Not to mention the MLB playoffs have started.  Hockey is also about to start up in a day or so depending on when I publish this.  In my personal opinion I don’t think the NBA will be needed by sports fans.  Between hockey and football my opinion is “who cares”.  I am also a Wizards fan so that could also play a factor.  The Redskins are currently tops in the division and the Capitals are once again looking strong enough to win the Eastern Conference.

  1. Bobby says:

    The NBA needs to be completely re-done the contracts arre completely fucked.

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