My NFL week 5 picks

Posted: October 7, 2011 in Sports

Ok, so tomorrow I will be going to my usual spot to throw down 5 bucks and fill out the schedule.  Usually I do it right on the spot but there are some serious ballers going up there.  I decided to do some homework today and here’s what I’ve got.  I will attempt to explain my reasoning as much as I can, feel free to call me an idiot 🙂

Sunday – 1pm Games

Titans (3-1) @ Steelers (2-2): Titans – Matt Hasselbeck is getting a lot more comfortable in this offense and Chris Johnson is bound to have a good game at some point.  Hey Nate Washington, I need fantasy points this week please!  On a side note I hate the Steelers, mainly because of their obnoxious moronic fans.  “but I love the colors” say’s the horribly drunk chick at the bar….

Raiders (2-2) @ Texans (3-1): Raiders – Ok, this one was a little tricky but I’m going with the Raiders because of two reasons.  1.  McFadden is a beast and running like he’s possessed.  2. As bad as Jason Campbell is, the Texans won’t stop the pass.  Oh, and also and kind of a big deal, Andre Johnson is not playing.   Running battle.

Chiefs (1-3) @ Colts (0-4): Chiefs – Cassel is finding a grove and the Colts are awful.  Not sure how much more detail I need to go into.

Bengals (2-2) @ Jaguars (1-3): Jaguars – Jags will get win #2.  Bengals are playing ok, but Gabbert is in his second start and will hit Mike Thomas all day long.

Seahawks (1-3) @ Giants (3-1): Giants – I just can’t see the G men losing this one even though I really want them to.

Cardinal (1-3) @ Vikings (0-4): Vikings – Peterson has a huge game at home.  Cardinals are going to really doubt Kolb after this game.  Vikings win.

Saints (1-3) @ Panthers (1-3): Saints – Cam Newton has shown he can put up yards passing, the problem is a shootout with Brees will not turn out well.  Saints take this one.

Eagles (1-3) @ Bills (3-1): Bills – Earlier in the week I thought the Eagles would take it.  Bills need to rebound after the loss to Cincy and what better way to do it than at home against the horrid “dream team”.

Sunday – 4:05 pm

Bucs (3-1) @ 49ers (3-1): 49ers – Blount looks like a beast but Patrick Willis is more of a beast.  Bucs have no answer for Gore.

Sunday – 4:15 pm

Jets (2-2) @ Patriots (3-1): Patriots – Brady is going to hit Gronkowski for 2 touchdowns, maybe hit Welker for 2 as well.  Whatever the case may be, the Jets will not win this one.  Side note: Chromartie is a moron for talking trash to Brady.

Chargers (3-1) @ Broncos (1-3): Chargers – When a team’s fans are chanting “Tebow” you know your team is in trouble.

Sunday – 8:20 pm

Packers (4-0) @ Falcons (2-2): Packers – Aaron Rodgers is on fire and Atlanta will not have an answer this week.

Monday – 8:30 pm

Bears (2-2) @ Lions (4-0): Bears – It’s primetime and I think Forte and Cutler will pull this one out.  Bears win.

  • The Re-cap: (9-4)
Titans let me down.  Rothawahatever threw 5 TD’s…  Chris Johnson can’t run behind that terrible line and Elizabeth Hasslebeck was the families top weekly performer.
Raiders I knew were going to win this one, emotional game and they played good enough to win.  I would say they played well but when the Texans can’t throw the ball to Johnson (who was out), they might as well be LSU.
I thought the Colts were going to prove me wrong.  I sat Garcon on the bench for fantasy this week and he ended up having another big game.  I also started Cassel, who had his first breakout game along with Bowe.
Bengals ALWAYS prove me wrong.  I was thinking Garret was in a groove but he apparently played like the rookie that he is.
Seahawks and Giants game, what can I say…  Turnovers kill don’t they Eli?
Vikings ran all over the Cards, man do they suck.  Thank you Adrian Peterson for pulling through as my #1 pick in fantasy.
Saints did exactly what I thought they would, throw the ball all day, and Brees won that shootout like I thought he would.  Hang in there Cam.
Bills did exactly what I wanted them to do, destroy Philly.  Dream Team my ass…
49ers put up some numbers, Gore is awesome and Alex Smith actually looked like an NFL QB.
The best part about the Patriots game?  Rex Ryan’s post game interview where he tries to hang on to any hope.
Well, we saw Tebow, he traded the head mic for a helmet this time.  They lost though, just like I knew they would.  Denver must feel like this is a win though because of the QB situation.
If the Packers played the Falcons ten times they would be 10-0 afterwards.
Cutler has all the skills to be a baller, his team sucks though, especially the “happy feet” O- Line.  Lions continue to win, I guess the first Thanksgiving game won’t be boring this year.


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