NFL Week 6 picks

Posted: October 14, 2011 in Uncategorized

Ok, so last week I went 9-4 which isn’t bad but this week I aim to do a lot better despite some tough games.  Here we go!

San Fran @ Detroit: Detroit – Plain and simple Detroit is on a tear.  San Fran’s running game will be shut down forcing them to pass and Alex Smith will be Alex Smith again.

St Louis @ Green Bay: Green Bay – I am not even going to bother writing why…

Carolina @ Atlanta: Carolina – Atlanta looks like dog crap this year and they suck at home.  Carolina wins it.

Indianapolis @ Cincinnati: Cincy – Indy sucks, so does Cincy, who sucks worse?  Indy.  I’m taking the home team

Buffalo @ New York Giants: Buffalo – My Ex girlfriend is a huge NYG fan.  That is enough for me to go with Buffalo, that and I truly feel they are the better team.

Jacksonville @ Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh – The media was rather harsh on Tomlin this week in Jacksonville.  He will really want to beat them down, plus Jacksonville sucks.

Philadelphia @ Washington: Washington – Hail to the Redskins!  Vick hasn’t faced a defense all year like the one he will see Sunday.  Expect the drama of the dream team to get even worse.  I hear MTV might contact the Eagles about a possible show.

Houston @ Baltimore: Baltimore – Andre Johnson is still out, need I say more?

Cleveland @ Oakland: Cleveland – This one is tough because I feel Oakland is on the rise.  Problem is this seems like the kind of game Cleveland will win, and they will, with a healthy Joshua Cribbs.

Dallas @ New England: New England – Brady and company will tear apart that awful secondary of Dallas.  This game may get up there, if you are betting the +/- take the over.

New Orleans @ Tampa Bay: New Orleans – Tampa Bay is bad, and without Blount they are even worse.  Home field doesn’t matter here, this game will not even be close.

Minnesota @ Chicago: Chicago – Chi town’s D is good enough to slow Peterson down a good bit, not stop him.  On the flip side nobody for Minnesota is stopping Matt Forte, or even slowing him down.  Both of my fantasy running backs are in this game, thank you late game!

Miami @ New York Jets: Jets – Miami will be drafting Andrew Luck and then the Marino comparisons will be coming out.  You heard it here first!


Well, that was a rough week.  Oh well.  7-6 is what I went this week.  Can’t do any worse than that really.  Ok, the recap:

San Fran must be better than I thought but I was sure on the road, in a dome they would not have an answer for a Detroit team on fire.  Green Bay is just ridiculous, everyone can catch and how could you not when Aaron Rodgers is throwing to you?  Cam just learned that throwing 3 picks (only 1 really his fault) will destroy the game.  Cincy, well let’s just say Indy is THAT bad.  The Giants just showed that they are the best team in the NFC east as much as I do not want to admit it.  Bradshaw ran all over the place.  Pittsburgh looks like they are back on track to compete late in the year.  Good teams always figure it out eventually.  Washington…  What can I say really, my boys let me down this week.  I hate Philly but you have to admit they have some athletes there.  They were just too fast and had a fantastic game plan for the Skins.  Baltimore is playing like an elite team and there was no way a banged up Texans team was doing anything to change that.  Cleveland are still the same ol Browns every year.  Oakland lost Campbell out of that matchup and Cleveland lost Hillis.  I don’t know why it’s such big news that Dallas lost to New England.  If there was one game I would have picked as a lock, it was New England vs Dallas.  New Orleans vs the bucs…  I have no clue, look, every dog has their day.  Chicago did exactly what I thought they would do.  Minnesota needs to figure out there QB situation, I say Ponder gets the nod.  Wow! Miami sucks.  Have fun Andrew Luck, don’t get into too much trouble in South Beach!


  1. I pretty much agree with all these pics. I make take Indy over Cincy and Atlanta over Carolina.

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