Week 7 NFL Picks!

Posted: October 21, 2011 in Sports

Ok, there is no possible way I can do worse than I did last week right?  RIGHT?  Here it goes…

San Diego @ NY Jets: San Diego – I think San Diego will be quietly roaming into the playoffs this year.  Rex ran his mouth again (shocker) this week about San Diego and although I do not believe in poster board material, I think it may apply here.

Chicago @ Tampa Bay: Chicago – Last week Tampa Bay pulled off an upset but this week I am going with my boy Cutler.  Him and Forte should have fun this week putting up some numbers.

Washington @ Carolina: Washington – With John Beck now at the helm for Washington I have a good feeling the Skins will come out motivated.  This will also be a smack in the face to all the fans that made the switch to being a Carolina fan.  Expect Cam to throw a couple of picks this game too.  I see the Skins #6 D stepping up.

Atlanta @ Detroit: Detroit – I think Detroit bounces back this week.  I do not see a leg up for home field advantage because both are dome teams.  I don’t think crowd noise will be a factor, that only occurs with teams that have die hard fans. Sorry Atlanta, this is not your year.

Seattle @ Cleveland: Seattle – I don’t know why, maybe because Hillis is out, but I just have a feeling Cleveland will lose this one.  I have an odd feeling though this will be a fun game to watch.  Maybe its a fight, maybe a last second field goal, I don’t know.  I am hoping it’s Joshua Cribbs taking some kicks to the house since I need a couple of my fantasy guys to step it up this week.

Denver @ Miami: Denver – Like I said before, Miami will be drafting Andrew Luck in hopes of being the next Dan Marino.  The Mile high Messiah (thanks for that Baker) will pull this one off.

Houston @ Tennessee: Tennessee – I am determined to vote off Tennessee as long as Johnson is out, that is unless of course they play the above mentioned Dolphins.

Kansas City @ Oakland: Oakland – I see both teams doing well scoring in this one however I give the defensive edge to Oakland.

Pittsburgh @ Arizona: Pittsburgh – Pittsburgh seems to be getting their act together with sucks because I hate them.  Meanwhile, Arizona is now regretting that Kolb deal.  When will teams learn to stop trading with Philly?

Green Bay @ Minnesota: Green Bay – ha, ha, haha, hahahahaha…  That is all.

St. Louis @ Dallas: Dallas – I hate to say this but Dallas looks like they may be well on their way to a winning streak.  Dez is back and Romo is going to throw the ball all over the place, mainly to Witten.  St. Louis is awful.

Indianapolis @ New Orleans: New Orleans – I see this to be another great game to watch.  I feel like its going to be a shootout even with Painter back there.  Garcon, get your act together, I will need 2 TD’s out of you.

Baltimore @ Jacksonville: Baltimore – A crappy Monday night game if you ask me but maybe, just maybe Jacksonville can put on a show for the prime time game.  Doesn’t matter though, Bmore will run all over them.

So basically my picks sucked again this week as the NFL proves it’s once again ridiculously unpredictable.  Baltimore was a joke, San Diego let Rex talk smack then beat them down and my beloved Washington Redskins shit the bed like an infant.


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