NFL Week 8 Picks

Posted: October 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

Here they are, I’m thinking 9 wins will be money!

Arizona @ Baltimore: Baltimore – Arizona flat out sucks, Bmore is looking for a rebound at home from last weeks loss.

Minnesota @ Carolina: Carolina – This game could go either way but I have a feeling Carolina got a bit of a boost from last weeks win over the Redskins.

Jacksonville @ Houston: Houston – Houston will win and I’m not going to disclose why, ok, yes I am.  Houston wins because dome teams always run well at home and when you have Foster and Tate in the backfield…  You run all day. Johnson is back from injury soon, maybe this week which will mean they will start winning again.

Miami @ Giants: Giants – “and with the first pick in the 2012 NFL draft the Miami Dolphins select: QB Andrew Luck Stanford”

New Orleans @ St Louis: New Orleans – Let’s face it, if St Louis didn’t pick up Bradford, they’d prob be getting Luck.

Indianapolis @ Tennessee: Tennessee – I just don’t see Indy playing well.  When you suck you don’t get a rebound game.

Detroit @ Denver: Detroit – I’m looking for Detroit to be getting back on track here soon, soon as in this week.

Washington @ Buffalo: Buffalo – I hate to do it to my boys but I have to go against them this week.  Buffalo’s D has been ball hawking all year and I have a feeling Kyle Shanahan will give them lots of looks.

Cincinnati @ Seattle: Seattle – Seattle, I hate their fans but I bet those losers get lucky at home.

Cleveland @ San Francisco: San Fran – San Fran is going to the playoffs, wow, I just said that…

New England @ Pittsburgh: New England – Why, because FUCK SHITTSBURGH thats why.

Dallas @ Philadelphia: Dallas – Don’t be fooled, Philly isn’t some new team coming out of the depths, they still suck.

San Diego @ Kansas City: San Diego – It would be nice to keep Rivers mouth shut for two weeks straight, but that just won’t happen this week, expect him to be on the sidelines screaming like a child again.  F you Vincent!


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