NFL Week 12 Picks

Posted: November 24, 2011 in Uncategorized

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  I am a little late posting my picks but the Lions Packers game is still 0-0 so here we go!

Packers @ Lions: Packers – I know there is a lot of hype with the Lions on Thanksgiving but no team with a contract should win these games.  That and the Packers will figure out a way.

Dolphins @ Cowboys: Cowboys – Miami is a fraud.  I know they beat up on Buffalo but the Cowboys will show their arsenal today, be ready.  Yes, I know pink is not the Cowboys color, but it’s Romo’s favorite.

49ers @ Ravens: 49ers – Older brothers always beat the shit out of younger brothers…  This week is no different.

Vikings @ Falcons: Falcons – No Adrian Peterson, enough said.

Browns @ Bengals: Bengals – I am kinda hoping the Bengals make the playoffs with a rookie QB so that the Redskins will learn how to develop instead of buy.

Panthers @ Colts: Panthers – Colts suck

Texans @ Jaguars: Texans – Expect a heavy dose of the run.  Sometimes I even forget Jacksonville has a team they are so irrelevant.  I know I am not offending anyone with that because go ahead and try to find a Jags fan, not happening…

Bills @ Jets: JetsBills showed their true colors last week and have basically zero options at wide out.  When you pick up Teshard Choice 2 days after the Skins cut him, you know you are struggling.

Cardinals @ Rams: Rams?  who knows, I flipped a coin.

Buccaneers @ Titans: Titans – I am really not a fan of the Bucs.  Chris Johnson is getting back into form nicely and that will continue this week.

Bears @ Raiders: Raiders – Want to know how valuable Jay Cutler is, watch how bad the bears do on third down this week…

Redskins @ Seahawks: Redskins – I just don’t see the Seahawks winning this one.  Their offense is almost as bad as the skins.  Ever notice Jackson is always throwing on the run, yeah, not gonna happen this Sunday.  12th man my ass, they pump crowd noise over the speaker system…  Believe it!

Broncos @ Chargers: Chargers – The mile high messiah wont be winning this week, besides it’s about time San Diego wins a damn game.

Patriots @ Eagles: Patriots – Why? Because I hate the Eagles thats why.

Steelers @ Chiefs: Steelers – They have been under the radar this year for the most part and are playing good football.  Most annoying fans though.

Giants @ Saints: Giants – They are just better and for some reason always seem to win in domes.  I also missed out on a trip this weekend to N.O. so F N.O. (how about that use of caps!)

Speaking of Caps, way to go Capitals last night with a big win in overtime!  Boys in red are gonna take it all this year!

  1. Bobby Harmon says:

    like the use of pink in the cowboys name

  2. waussau says:

    It was only fitting.

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