Redskins 2012

Posted: October 29, 2012 in Uncategorized

As I watched yesterday’s game against the Steelers I couldn’t help but get infuriated.  Poor play on both sides of the ball (I didn’t forget you special teams).  


For starters it seemed as though the only guy to show up yesterday was Robert.  I can not and will not blame the O-line for any of the nonsense I saw.  An 8 yd punt, block PAT, 10 dropped passes, no pressure from the D-line, secondary that looked like swiss cheese and last but not least a player who removes his helmet (penalty) then proceeds to scream at a ref.  You didn’t have to be a lip reader to know exactly some of the words.  I will give you a hint, 4 letters and starts with “F”…  BTW, MeAngelo Hall was ultimately ejected from the game as he should have been.  Now, if we can just get this D-list player ejected from DC that would be fantastic.


I’ve got a bone to pick with someone else too.  Brandon Banks.  Banks has been terribly unproductive.  If I hear “speed kills” one more time describing this guy I’m going to vomit.  At this point I am just happy when he doesn’t muff a catch.  Banks is a useless player taking up a roster spot for some other bum that might be able to play in the secondary.  I really wouldn’t care if they replaced him with a punter.  That way we can have two punters so that when one of them gets injured eating a bowl of cereal, we can at least be prepared.  I am actually going to make a special post just for Banks.  That’s how much I can’t stand this turd.


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