Week 10 NFL picks.

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Last week was ok, this week will be better.  I’m too hungover to write a bunch of stuff and my girl just brought over a McGriddle.  She knows whats up.  All I’m going to do this week is list the winners.








New Orleans




NY Giants


New England

Green Bay



Arizona at Philadelphia 1:00 PM FOX Tickets Lincoln Financial Field
Tennessee at Carolina 1:00 PM CBS Tickets Bank of America Stadium
Houston at Tampa Bay 1:00 PM CBS Tickets Raymond James Stadium
Washington at Miami 1:00 PM FOX Tickets Sun Life Stadium
Jacksonville at Indianapolis 1:00 PM CBS Tickets Lucas Oil Stadium
Denver at Kansas City 1:00 PM CBS Tickets Arrowhead Stadium
Buffalo at Dallas 1:00 PM CBS Tickets Cowboys Stadium
New Orleans at Atlanta 1:00 PM FOX Tickets Georgia Dome
St. Louis at Cleveland 1:00 PM FOX Tickets Cleveland Browns Stadium
Pittsburgh at Cincinnati 1:00 PM CBS Tickets Paul Brown Stadium
Baltimore at Seattle 4:05 PM CBS Tickets CenturyLink Field
NY Giants at San Francisco 4:15 PM FOX Tickets Candlestick Park
Detroit at Chicago 4:15 PM FOX Tickets Soldier Field
New England at NY Jets 8:20 PM NBC Tickets MetLife Stadium
Minnesota at Green Bay 8:30 PM Tickets Lambeau Field

NFL Week 9 picks!

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The last few weeks I have been bad, bad may not be the right word so lets go with awful.  This week hopefully I turn it around and get back on track.  I need 10 correct predictions this week to make me happy.

Miami @ Kansas City: Kansas City – I think Miami’s first win will be next week vs Washington.  This week Bowe will put up some numbers.

Atlanta @ Indianapolis: Atlanta – I am a firm believer that when a dome team travels to another dome team, there is no advantage.

Tampa Bay @ New Orleans: New Orleans – If the Saints don’t win this week there will be questions going around about the team making the playoffs.  Josh Freeman is also somewhat injured and nobody seems to know what it is.

NY Jets @ Buffalo: Buffalo – Sanchez is a turnover machine, and Buffalo will exploit that.  A healthy Fred Jackson is a dangerous thing.

Seattle @ Dallas: Dallas – I have been hearing a lot about this Seattle defense but I honestly think Dallas has too many weapons for that to even matter.

Cleveland @ Houston: Houston – This is hardly the “game of the week” but who doesn’t love a little bit of drama (Hillis).  I see Houston running all day long, successfully that is.

San Francisco @ Washington: San Francisco – I hate going against my boys but I see Rex coming in right around the start of the 2nd half.  San Fran I don’t think will have much luck running but it will be a drag out game where Redskins fans will feel like the game is over late in the third.  It pains me to write about my team like this.

Cincinnati @ Tennessee: Cincinnati – This Andy Dalton guy is looking like a legit QB.  Him and A.J. Green should do just fine.  Benson I think is back also which means he has a few more weeks to get in trouble with the law again.

Denver @ Oakland: Oakland – I see Oakland sliming their way into the layoffs.  Tim Tebow will have a difficult time this week against that defense.

NY Giants @ New England: New England – Foxboro is a tough place to play, but you know what makes it even harder?  When your best receiver isn’t playing.  I need Manningham to put up some numbers this week as I sat Ben Tate in the flex (fantasy talk).

St Louis @ Arizona: Arizona – I know St Louis won last week but I credit those kick ass uniforms they had on.  They will be without them this week and also without another win.

Green Bay @ San Diego: Green Bay – The only thing more enjoyable than seeing Aaron Rodgers throwing the ball deep like a maniac is watching Phillip Rivers cry like a little bitch.  Rivers throws make me think I could be an NFL QB.  Must be nice when all of your receivers are over 6’2 huh girl thrower.

Baltimore @ Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh – Baltimore has shown that it’s weakness is Flacco.  Look for Shittsburgh to throw that ball all day… I will say that again, look for Shittsburgh to throw the ball all day.  I really just wanted to say that because I like typing Shittsburgh.

Chicago @ Philadelphia: Chicago – I always pick Chicago in these prime time games.  Cutler is also my favorite QB in the league.  If anyone has poise it’s that pothead.  Philthy is on the up and up and will most likely win the NFC east.  This was the toughest matchup for me to pick.  It came down to the speed on Philthy’s offense vs the speed of the Bear’s D.  I think that equals giving the edge on the flip side to Cutler and more importantly Matt Forte.

Ok, there you have it.  I posted the schedule below and this week should be a good day to get drunk and watch great games.  Both prime time games will be good and the Redskins play early which means I can watch the Packer show @ 3:15 (I’m central).

Bonus pick: Texas Tech @ Texas: Texas – Texas looks like they are getting it together, they win.

Miami at Kansas City 1:00 PM CBS Tickets Arrowhead Stadium
Atlanta at Indianapolis 1:00 PM FOX Tickets Lucas Oil Stadium
Tampa Bay at New Orleans 1:00 PM FOX Tickets Mercedes-Benz Superdome
NY Jets at Buffalo 1:00 PM CBS Tickets Ralph Wilson Stadium
Seattle at Dallas 1:00 PM FOX Tickets Cowboys Stadium
Cleveland at Houston 1:00 PM CBS Tickets Reliant Stadium
San Francisco at Washington 1:00 PM FOX Tickets FedEx Field
Cincinnati at Tennessee 4:05 PM CBS Tickets LP Field
Denver at Oakland 4:05 PM CBS Tickets Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum
NY Giants at New England 4:15 PM FOX Tickets Gillette Stadium
St. Louis at Arizona 4:15 PM FOX Tickets U of Phoenix Stadium
Green Bay at San Diego 4:15 PM FOX Tickets Qualcomm Stadium
Baltimore at Pittsburgh 8:20 PM NBC Tickets Heinz Field
Chicago at Philadelphia 8:30 PM Tickets Lincoln Financial Field
·Bye: DetroitMinnesotaCarolinaJacksonville

NFL Week 8 Picks

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Here they are, I’m thinking 9 wins will be money!

Arizona @ Baltimore: Baltimore – Arizona flat out sucks, Bmore is looking for a rebound at home from last weeks loss.

Minnesota @ Carolina: Carolina – This game could go either way but I have a feeling Carolina got a bit of a boost from last weeks win over the Redskins.

Jacksonville @ Houston: Houston – Houston will win and I’m not going to disclose why, ok, yes I am.  Houston wins because dome teams always run well at home and when you have Foster and Tate in the backfield…  You run all day. Johnson is back from injury soon, maybe this week which will mean they will start winning again.

Miami @ Giants: Giants – “and with the first pick in the 2012 NFL draft the Miami Dolphins select: QB Andrew Luck Stanford”

New Orleans @ St Louis: New Orleans – Let’s face it, if St Louis didn’t pick up Bradford, they’d prob be getting Luck.

Indianapolis @ Tennessee: Tennessee – I just don’t see Indy playing well.  When you suck you don’t get a rebound game.

Detroit @ Denver: Detroit – I’m looking for Detroit to be getting back on track here soon, soon as in this week.

Washington @ Buffalo: Buffalo – I hate to do it to my boys but I have to go against them this week.  Buffalo’s D has been ball hawking all year and I have a feeling Kyle Shanahan will give them lots of looks.

Cincinnati @ Seattle: Seattle – Seattle, I hate their fans but I bet those losers get lucky at home.

Cleveland @ San Francisco: San Fran – San Fran is going to the playoffs, wow, I just said that…

New England @ Pittsburgh: New England – Why, because FUCK SHITTSBURGH thats why.

Dallas @ Philadelphia: Dallas – Don’t be fooled, Philly isn’t some new team coming out of the depths, they still suck.

San Diego @ Kansas City: San Diego – It would be nice to keep Rivers mouth shut for two weeks straight, but that just won’t happen this week, expect him to be on the sidelines screaming like a child again.  F you Vincent!

Leonardo DiCaprio dates this girl now – What Would Tyler Durden Do.


So, this is what it’s like to be a movie star…  Unreal!


Week 7 NFL Picks!

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Ok, there is no possible way I can do worse than I did last week right?  RIGHT?  Here it goes…

San Diego @ NY Jets: San Diego – I think San Diego will be quietly roaming into the playoffs this year.  Rex ran his mouth again (shocker) this week about San Diego and although I do not believe in poster board material, I think it may apply here.

Chicago @ Tampa Bay: Chicago – Last week Tampa Bay pulled off an upset but this week I am going with my boy Cutler.  Him and Forte should have fun this week putting up some numbers.

Washington @ Carolina: Washington – With John Beck now at the helm for Washington I have a good feeling the Skins will come out motivated.  This will also be a smack in the face to all the fans that made the switch to being a Carolina fan.  Expect Cam to throw a couple of picks this game too.  I see the Skins #6 D stepping up.

Atlanta @ Detroit: Detroit – I think Detroit bounces back this week.  I do not see a leg up for home field advantage because both are dome teams.  I don’t think crowd noise will be a factor, that only occurs with teams that have die hard fans. Sorry Atlanta, this is not your year.

Seattle @ Cleveland: Seattle – I don’t know why, maybe because Hillis is out, but I just have a feeling Cleveland will lose this one.  I have an odd feeling though this will be a fun game to watch.  Maybe its a fight, maybe a last second field goal, I don’t know.  I am hoping it’s Joshua Cribbs taking some kicks to the house since I need a couple of my fantasy guys to step it up this week.

Denver @ Miami: Denver – Like I said before, Miami will be drafting Andrew Luck in hopes of being the next Dan Marino.  The Mile high Messiah (thanks for that Baker) will pull this one off.

Houston @ Tennessee: Tennessee – I am determined to vote off Tennessee as long as Johnson is out, that is unless of course they play the above mentioned Dolphins.

Kansas City @ Oakland: Oakland – I see both teams doing well scoring in this one however I give the defensive edge to Oakland.

Pittsburgh @ Arizona: Pittsburgh – Pittsburgh seems to be getting their act together with sucks because I hate them.  Meanwhile, Arizona is now regretting that Kolb deal.  When will teams learn to stop trading with Philly?

Green Bay @ Minnesota: Green Bay – ha, ha, haha, hahahahaha…  That is all.

St. Louis @ Dallas: Dallas – I hate to say this but Dallas looks like they may be well on their way to a winning streak.  Dez is back and Romo is going to throw the ball all over the place, mainly to Witten.  St. Louis is awful.

Indianapolis @ New Orleans: New Orleans – I see this to be another great game to watch.  I feel like its going to be a shootout even with Painter back there.  Garcon, get your act together, I will need 2 TD’s out of you.

Baltimore @ Jacksonville: Baltimore – A crappy Monday night game if you ask me but maybe, just maybe Jacksonville can put on a show for the prime time game.  Doesn’t matter though, Bmore will run all over them.

So basically my picks sucked again this week as the NFL proves it’s once again ridiculously unpredictable.  Baltimore was a joke, San Diego let Rex talk smack then beat them down and my beloved Washington Redskins shit the bed like an infant.

My Take On Climate Change

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Climate Change Skeptics Eat Crow.

The results are in, and it is man’s fault “apparently”.  We act as if it was nature’s cycle we would have just said “oh well” and thrown up our hands.  How about instead of all this debating and research into who’s fault it is we act as if it IS our fault.  Why not spend the money on researching ways to live a greener life.  That way in the end, or even if 20 years from now we find out it wasn’t our fault at least we are living cleaner.  That is a mistake I can live with.  Now, I need to run to the store in my 14 mpg car and browse around Target.

Washington Redskins to start John Beck at QB, source says – ESPN.


ESPN is reporting John Beck will be the new starting QB for the Redskins.