Redskins 2012

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As I watched yesterday’s game against the Steelers I couldn’t help but get infuriated.  Poor play on both sides of the ball (I didn’t forget you special teams).  


For starters it seemed as though the only guy to show up yesterday was Robert.  I can not and will not blame the O-line for any of the nonsense I saw.  An 8 yd punt, block PAT, 10 dropped passes, no pressure from the D-line, secondary that looked like swiss cheese and last but not least a player who removes his helmet (penalty) then proceeds to scream at a ref.  You didn’t have to be a lip reader to know exactly some of the words.  I will give you a hint, 4 letters and starts with “F”…  BTW, MeAngelo Hall was ultimately ejected from the game as he should have been.  Now, if we can just get this D-list player ejected from DC that would be fantastic.


I’ve got a bone to pick with someone else too.  Brandon Banks.  Banks has been terribly unproductive.  If I hear “speed kills” one more time describing this guy I’m going to vomit.  At this point I am just happy when he doesn’t muff a catch.  Banks is a useless player taking up a roster spot for some other bum that might be able to play in the secondary.  I really wouldn’t care if they replaced him with a punter.  That way we can have two punters so that when one of them gets injured eating a bowl of cereal, we can at least be prepared.  I am actually going to make a special post just for Banks.  That’s how much I can’t stand this turd.



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Giants win, unfortunately

Conference Championship Weekend

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I am not going in usual style this week because, well, there are only two games being played so here it is…





Playoffs Round 2!

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HERE WE GO!  I’m excited about this week because I really like the match-ups.

Saturdays games:

Saints vs 49ers: Saints – As much as it pains me to say it because I really do hate the Saints, I think they will win it this week.  I am still not sold on Alex Smith.

Broncos vs Patriots: Broncos – I don’t know why, I just have a feeling this streak will continue.  I know Brady and the Pats have a good offense but their defense is so bad even Tebow can light them up.

Sundays games:

Texans vs Ravens: Ravens – Yes, the Texans won and looked pretty good on the ground in doing it, however the Ravens are still a defensive force and I do not see Arian Foster running all over them.  That and this game is outside.  I am a firm believer in dome teams laying an egg during playoff time outside.

Giants vs Packers: Giants – I honestly see the Gmen winning it all again this year.  They seem to put it all together come playoff time every year.  Manningham, Cruz, and Nicks are all on fire right now.  With the running game doing well and the D line healthy this team is dangerous.


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Here are my picks:



Bengals vs Texans: Bengals – Same story, no Shaub.  Bengals might as well have a bye week.

Lions vs Saints: Lions – The Lions came this far, they will find a way.


Falcons vs Giants: Giants – They always seem to do well at weird times, this is one of them.

Steelers vs Broncos: Broncos – I can’t stand the Steelers, that is the only determining factor on this.

NFL Week 12 Picks

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  I am a little late posting my picks but the Lions Packers game is still 0-0 so here we go!

Packers @ Lions: Packers – I know there is a lot of hype with the Lions on Thanksgiving but no team with a contract should win these games.  That and the Packers will figure out a way.

Dolphins @ Cowboys: Cowboys – Miami is a fraud.  I know they beat up on Buffalo but the Cowboys will show their arsenal today, be ready.  Yes, I know pink is not the Cowboys color, but it’s Romo’s favorite.

49ers @ Ravens: 49ers – Older brothers always beat the shit out of younger brothers…  This week is no different.

Vikings @ Falcons: Falcons – No Adrian Peterson, enough said.

Browns @ Bengals: Bengals – I am kinda hoping the Bengals make the playoffs with a rookie QB so that the Redskins will learn how to develop instead of buy.

Panthers @ Colts: Panthers – Colts suck

Texans @ Jaguars: Texans – Expect a heavy dose of the run.  Sometimes I even forget Jacksonville has a team they are so irrelevant.  I know I am not offending anyone with that because go ahead and try to find a Jags fan, not happening…

Bills @ Jets: JetsBills showed their true colors last week and have basically zero options at wide out.  When you pick up Teshard Choice 2 days after the Skins cut him, you know you are struggling.

Cardinals @ Rams: Rams?  who knows, I flipped a coin.

Buccaneers @ Titans: Titans – I am really not a fan of the Bucs.  Chris Johnson is getting back into form nicely and that will continue this week.

Bears @ Raiders: Raiders – Want to know how valuable Jay Cutler is, watch how bad the bears do on third down this week…

Redskins @ Seahawks: Redskins – I just don’t see the Seahawks winning this one.  Their offense is almost as bad as the skins.  Ever notice Jackson is always throwing on the run, yeah, not gonna happen this Sunday.  12th man my ass, they pump crowd noise over the speaker system…  Believe it!

Broncos @ Chargers: Chargers – The mile high messiah wont be winning this week, besides it’s about time San Diego wins a damn game.

Patriots @ Eagles: Patriots – Why? Because I hate the Eagles thats why.

Steelers @ Chiefs: Steelers – They have been under the radar this year for the most part and are playing good football.  Most annoying fans though.

Giants @ Saints: Giants – They are just better and for some reason always seem to win in domes.  I also missed out on a trip this weekend to N.O. so F N.O. (how about that use of caps!)

Speaking of Caps, way to go Capitals last night with a big win in overtime!  Boys in red are gonna take it all this year!

Week 11 NFL picks

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Here they are.  I cannot honestly pick the Jets @ Denver game today but I did pick them to cover the 6.5 pt spread (you just have to trust me).  I am going back to the old format this week since last week I shit the bed again.

Tampa Bay @ Green Bay: Green Bay – Rodgers is firing on all cylinders right now and I do not think Tampa Bay will have any answers.

Carolina @ Detroit: Detroit – They need to get their act together and soon.  It is not completely unreasonable to think Carolina won’t win this game but you have to give Detroit the edge at home.  Cam will be under a lot of pressure this week, and it will be tough for him to put up the numbers he is used to.

Jacksonville @ Cleveland: Cleveland – Hardly a “must see” but when two terrible teams play against each other I typically pick the home team.  I see Cleveland’s special teams (Cribbs) being a big part of this win.

Oakland @ Minnesota: Oakland – I see Peterson having a big day but I do not think it will be enough.  Michael Bush has stepped up big for Oakland lately and I see that as a big help for Carson Palmer’s ability to get ore comfortable in this offense.  Low scoring game (take the under).

Buffalo @ Miami: Buffalo – Miami will not have an answer for speedy Fred Jackson.  Don’t be fooled by Miami, they beat up a terrible Redskins team (my team) last week.  Miami is still awful.

Dallas @ Washington: Dallas – Usually when these two teams play each other the old saying is “throw out the records”.  Well as much as it pains me to say this, the Redskins flat out suck.  Romo will have a field day against this patchwork defense.  It will look nothing like the earlier game this year, which the Cowboys won despite never scoring a TD.

Cincinnati @ Baltimore: Cincinnati – This is my upset pick of the week.  The only reason I am picking Cincy is because I think John Harbaugh is more focused on the following Thanksgiving night game vs his brother than this one.  I also think Terrel Suggs is the ugliest player in the NFL.  Usually being ugly wouldn’t matter but damn, google the guy…

Arizona @ San Francisco: San Francisco – Last week I said that if San Fran could pull out a win I would be a believer.  Well, they won and will continue to do so.

Seattle @ St. Louis: Seattle – I think Seattle is just too fast on defense.  That is really all that I based this on, both teams suck.

Tennessee @ Atlanta: Atlanta – Who cares right? Right.  However since I have to do ALL this weeks picks I have to do this one too. Atlanta wins despite Julio Jones not being available.  Chris Johnson showed he can still get it done last week but I don’t see them winning even if he rushed for 400 yds.

San Diego @ Chicago: Chicago – This was an easy pick for me.  Chicago will win because bitches hate the cold weather.  Rivers = Bitch.  Look for Forte to run all over these bums, and Earl Bennet to wear his orange shoes again (they come with a fine).

Philadelphia @ N.Y. Giants: N.Y. Giants – Vince Young is starting, Giants win.

Kansas City @ New England: New England – Typically the only time Kansas City comes to play is during prime time.  Unfortunately for them they are not also at home.  Tom Brady will hit Gronkowski for 2 TD’s which will be enough for them to win in itself.

Bonus pick: Kansas St @ Texas: Texas – Longhorns will somehow find a way to win.  \m/


Denver 17, NY Jets 13 Sanchez 252 Tebow 68 Burress 64
Tampa Bay at Green Bay 1:00 PM FOX Tickets Lambeau Field
Carolina at Detroit 1:00 PM FOX Tickets Ford Field
Jacksonville at Cleveland 1:00 PM CBS Tickets Cleveland Browns Stadium
Oakland at Minnesota 1:00 PM CBS Tickets Mall of America Field
Buffalo at Miami 1:00 PM CBS Tickets Sun Life Stadium
Dallas at Washington 1:00 PM FOX Tickets FedEx Field
Cincinnati at Baltimore 1:00 PM CBS Tickets M&T Bank Stadium
Arizona at San Francisco 4:05 PM FOX Tickets Candlestick Park
Seattle at St. Louis 4:05 PM FOX Tickets Edward Jones Dome
Tennessee at Atlanta 4:15 PM CBS Tickets Georgia Dome
San Diego at Chicago 4:15 PM CBS Tickets Soldier Field
Philadelphia at NY Giants 8:20 PM NBC Tickets MetLife Stadium
Kansas City at New England 8:30 PM Tickets Gillette Stadium
·Bye: IndianapolisNew OrleansPittsburghHouston